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Float of the Month (December)

December Float of the Month is the North Atlantic array of floats.  I wrote on Twitter:

"Float(s) of the month. Surface ocean % oxygen saturation versus time of year for all floats in the North Atlantic (2005 to present). Lots of concern about ocean oxygen at COP25. A full BGC-Argo array would provide a real-time observing system."

The animated GIF shown below accompanied the tweet.

Float of the Month (September)

This is going to be an irregular (but maybe monthly) post on interesting floats.  And it will be replicated, within 280 characters at my Twitter feed @Kenatmbari.

The first twitter post was back in September. Here it is:

"BGC-Argo float of the month. 5903248 has gone 3/4 of the way around the world, generating beautiful oxygen data down to 2000 meters. Launched by Argo Australia (Susan Wijffels, Argo Co-Chair is PI) in 2010, it is still reporting after more than 9 years."

Testing SOCCOM floats and sensors

We’ve had a busy week here at MBARI. The focus has been test deployments of two profiling floats offshore of Monterey Bay with a film crew from Climate Central (Ted Blanco and Greta Shum) recording the whole process, including drone flights during the float recovery.

Fig. 1 Greta Shum ready to go deploy floats on the R/V Paragon.


Another profile from float 9094

The next profile for float 9094 is in this morning. It will be the last one before the contest closes on the 30th. Use SOCCOMViz to examine the data:


The ice edge bloom

I wrote about the spring bloom seen by our profiling floats in my last post. Those floats were all in open water. Massive phytoplankton blooms along the ice edge are a major feature of Southern Ocean waters. Our floats operate under ice and, as the ice melts back, these float can observe the ice edge blooms.

Deep Mixing in the Southern Ocean and the Spring Bloom as seen by SOCCOM profiling floats.

The spring bloom is well underway in the Southern Ocean.  SOCCOM float 9095 at 50 degrees South shows the event quite nicely.  The following figure (Fig. 1) has observations of temperature, salinity, pH at in situ temperature and pressure (on the total proton scale), oxygen, nitrate, backscatter (a measure of particle abundance), and chlorophyll that have been reported by 9095 since it was deployed on the P16S cruise in April.

Interesting float data for the week of October 19, 2014

We'll provide updates on interesting oceanographic observations reported by the SOCCOM profiling floats in this space.  Our first report doesn't actually involve the Southern Ocean.  It's from a profiling float in the North Atlantic that was near Hurricane Gonzalo and it concerns mixing of the ocean and possible biological responses.  But we will compare the impact of a tropical cyclone to the amount of mixing seen in the Southern Ocean in a later post. So read on.