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Education Resources


SOCCOM Data Manager has put together answers to questions from students regarding the floats and life at sea.  Check out this treasury to find out everything from how the floats work to what there is to eat at sea!

Learning Modules

Climate Central has worked in partnership with SOCCOM researchers to develop multimedia learning modules on the science and technology of SOCCOM.  The modules feature handouts plus resources like video clips, animations, slides, photos, and links to blogs by SOCCOM researchers in the field.   Check out our first two modules to learn all about SOCCOM floats and the critical role of the Southern Ocean in Earth's climate and carbon cycle.



SOCCOM Float Module




SOCCOM Southern Ocean Module



Lesson Plans

"Tracking Ocean Currents" – Grade 7 activity using SOCCOM float data developed by Princeton Day School teachers Ron Banas and Jack Madani

​Download PDF (4.9Mb)

Tracking Ocean Currents by Princeton Environmental Institute on Scribd