Organizational Chart

Below is an organization chart for C-SOBOM showing the investigators in our three themes and the management and administration structure headquartered at Princeton. Click on a name to find out more about any C-SOBOM participant.

M. BenderTo Be HiredTo Be HiredInternational Collaborators CommitteeExternal Advisory CommitteeFloat Advisory CommitteeEducation, Diversity & Outreach Advisory CommitteeExecutive BoardL. TalleyTo Be HiredO. SchofieldH. CullenJ. RussellA. GnanadesikanS. RiserL. TalleyR. KeyJ. McDonnellK. JohnsonJ. SarmientoJ. McDonnellS. RiserK. JohnsonO. SchofieldH. CullenJ. McDonnellO. SchofieldJ. SarmientoL. JuranekJ. RussellR. FerrariI. KamenkovichJ. RussellJ. SarmientoI. MarinovA. GnanadesikanM. MazloffB. CornuelleA. VerdyT. ItoD. SigmanO. SchofieldS. GilleK. SpeerS. RiserK. Johnson