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SOCCOM Observations

Theme 1: Observations

To develop a new observing system for carbon, nutrients, and oxygen that will complement and expand on the existing observing system for heat and freshwater, the observations team is deploying a large array (~200) of profiling floats (shown at right) with biogeochemical sensors throughout the Southern Ocean. This robotic float observing system is complemented by shipboard measurements, instrument and sensor development, and data analysis, including state estimation in conjunction with the modeling program. 

For access to all float data, click here.

You can also find reports and calibration data from all of our cruises on our Shipboard Data and Reports page, check the status of our biogeochemical floats, and track them with the tools in our Map Room.

Principal responsibility for development and deployment of the observing system is in the hands of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Theme 1 Lead Lynne Talley), in partnership with the University of Washington (Co-Lead Steve Riser) and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (Associate Director Ken Johnson (in photo with cap)), who together design and build the floats and participate in analysis of the data.

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